Pierre Henri Gadais, winemaker of Muscadet in Saint-Fiacre sur Maine

 The Men 

In the heart of the vineyards of Nantes

Coming from two winegrowing families, i.e. Sancerre and Muscadet, I soon became passionate for the universe of wine and decided to study viticulture and oenology.
Following a four-year training complemented by several winemaking experiences through various vineyards of France (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Muscadet, Sancerre), as well as a vinification experience in a biodynamic field in Switzerland and an ultimate experience in Australia, I came back to the family estate in 2016.
On my return, my father had been running the House Estate and had acquired in 2009 an estate on the hillside of the village La Pétière. I found this small fourteen-hectare vineyard intriguing and already considered its strong potential of terroir.

In this year 2016, I had the opportunity to carry out my first vinification, and to implement what I had learned from my experiences in France and abroad.

Whereas in the establishment phase, I planned in 2017 to reorientate the estate: with the project of creating new quality-oriented cuvees and enhancing the terroir, but also and above all the project of converting the estate to the organic agriculture.

Therefore in the year 2021, the estate will be certified in organic agriculture (Agriculture Biologique).