Monnières Saint-Fiacre
Vigne de la Strée

Just like the Burgundy, Rhone, or Beaujolais appellations, the Muscadet vineyard is developing new exclusive appellations. A total of ten vineyards compose this palette of new appellations. To lay claim to this Cru, the candidate plots are evaluated according to depth of soil, sensitivity to frost, orientation, percentage of slope, nature of the soil or view.
The alliance between three districts located on the same geological faults, —Saint-Fiacre, Monnières and Maisdon— allowed the creation of the Monnières-Saint-Fiacre Cru.
The notion of aging is essential for these appellations; the Monnières – Saint-Fiacre Cru requires a minimum aging period of twenty-one months on the vinification lees.

In 2017, I launched my first wine of the Monnières – Saint-Fiacre appellation, from my plot of L’Astrée. This one hectare of vine is south-west oriented, located at the highest point of the district and lies on a soil of Gneiss characterized by two micas.
For this first vintage, I hope to yield a reasonable quantity (i.e. 23 hl / hectare).
This wine is made like the others but is currently aging in second-hand barrels: one 600-litre Stockinger, two 500-litre barrels and two 350-litre barrels.

This vintage will be available from September 2019.