Réserve personnelle
Muscadet Sèvre et Maine

The grapes stemming from the oldest vines in the estate (fifty years old vines), are harvested by hand, without any sulfur, under the press; the free run of the juice is carried out by gravity and under an inert gas environment, in the traditional glass-tile buried tanks, which are typical of the Nantes region. A twelve-hour rapid settling allows me to keep natural nutrients and yeasts, essential for alcoholic fermentation. A twenty-day fermentation combined with a control of the temperatures makes it possible to render the best expression of the terroir.
Once the fermentation is complete, the addition of sulfur combined with tannins (free of taste), provides a better stability. The dose of sulfur is always calculated according to the SO2 molecular formula; the characteristics of the vintage are taken into account and calculated according to such parameters as pH, total acidity, degree of alcohol, and wine temperature. Thus, sulfur is added in the right quantity and in a single dose, and we do not have any excess sulfur which would prevent the full rendering of the aromas of the wine

Throughout the winter, regular lees stirring optimizes the contact with the lees. As is the tradition, I don’t carry out any malolactic fermentation. La Réserve Personnelle is bottled in December of the year following its harvest, i.e. globally after fourteen-month aging on the winemaking lees in buried tanks.

The outcome is a rich, concentrated and complex wine, which is well suited for cellar-keeping. In the best vintages, this cuvee can be kept for fifteen years under good conditions. It will be best served at the table with a grilled fish or roasted scallops.